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Elevator Accident prevention alarm function and principle

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Elevator Accident prevention alarm function and principle

Many people may not have heard of an elevator accident prevention alarm, but at present, many developed countries in the application of the elevator remote monitoring system. With the increasing economic development, local hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other high-rise buildings, installation and use of elevators number is growing. However, use of the elevator is not endless, but also taking into account the safety of the elevator maintenance. So how safe operation of the elevator to implement effective monitoring? Remove any hidden faults lift it? Then you need an elevator accident prevention alarm appearances.

We all know that each has an elevator accident prevention alarm, alarm role of this is when a failure occurs in the elevator timely feedback to the maintenance staff or by a remote property managers, as soon as possible to carry out maintenance on the elevator. Elevator Accident prevention alarm and a useful monitoring data for each of the state can be used to capture the elevator, such as speed, load, number of layers, door status, hoisting fault, squat bottom failure, you can always monitor the elevator usage, guarantee safe use of the lift.

Elevator accident prevention alarm transmission module is through a reliable network connection, dropped calls and other techniques to form intelligent anti support online testing, online maintenance, automatic redial dropped intelligent management technology, elevator accident prevention alarm can ensure that the equipment is always online, ensure the normal use of the communication channel, applicable to the elevator control room unattended. Elevator Accident Prevention terminal transmission module also supports voice calls, SMS, data activation, when the terminal equipment failure or abnormal, it will automatically send alarm messages to maintenance personnel, intelligence is very convenient.

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