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Lift emergency rescue measures and steps

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Lift emergency rescue measures and steps

Elevator malfunction, causing the passengers trapped in the car, emergency rescue measures should be taken, when the rescue, to guide the implementation by experienced professional and technical personnel; in exceptional circumstances, should also be trained to command staff ( Under normal circumstances, there is no danger of passengers trapped in the elevator car, many accidents are due to excessive passenger blind panic or by a non-professional rescue occurred only) specific rescue work as follows:

1. First try to notify passengers stranded outside already underway to rescue, passengers please do not panic, do not force out of the car, in order to avoid secondary accidents.

2. Turning work usually takes from two staff in the room. Before doing this, you must first cut off the main power switch.

3. For high-speed gearless elevators Barring, to be doubly careful, should "step mode" loose brake slowly.

4. After the disc to move the car floor leveling, brakes must recover, and then open the hall door sedan with a special elevator landing door key, release trapped passengers.

5. When faced with the situation of the elevator can not move the disk, it may be the safety gear has been activated, further work should be guided by professional and technical personnel.

6. Throughout the rescue process, we should always keep in touch with the car passengers, passenger comfort, do not panic, always concerned about the situation of passengers.

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