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Elevator traction drive system introduced

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Elevator traction drive system introduced

Traction drive is adopted as the drive sheave assembly. Traction sheave rope hanging on one end of the car suspension, and the other end hanging counterweight by friction between the rope and sheave traction force generating driving up and down the car running.

1. roping way

Elevator traction rope roping method depends on the position of the traction unit, the car rated load and rated speed and other conditions. In the choice should be considered to determine the roping method has a higher transmission efficiency, rational energy consumption and extend the life of wire rope favor.

2. traction force calculation

The maximum effective traction sheave grooves force can be generated between the rope and the rope round groove friction coefficient and bypass function traction sheave wrap angle.

3. Measures to improve the traction capability

a. change the shape of the rope and the rope groove groove materials to improve the coefficient of friction.

b. increasing the wrap angle

c. to increase the weight of the car

The rope is calculated (see Materials) in sheave grooves than the pressure

5. rope rope slot in the coefficient of friction (see textbook)

6. sheave rope groove wear reason

Factors that affect the life of the rope, the general also affect the life of the traction sheave, there are several aspects of the following factors:

a. sheave itself

b. the rope structure, material and physical properties

c. the car running height

d. Load

e. the technical parameters of the hoisting machine and other components

f. the environment and maintenance

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