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Traditional escalator chain lubrication

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Traditional escalator chain lubrication

Escalator chain lubrication, manual lubrication device and automatic lubrication devices are used in traditional oiling - drip and spray method, escalators improve operating performance, extended service life played a certain role, but relatively low efficiency, fuel consumption is higher than great.

Experiments show that there is always a bit of lubrication lubrication than chain link, and the chain tension and fracture exactly what happened from the link at the lubricated reach. Waste lubricating oil and the method of about 30 to 70%.

Spraying, splashing and contamination due to oil mist surrounding environment, and waste oil as high as 60%. In addition, oil mist, if in the case of high fever and high-speed chain, before dripping lubricating oil is vaporized at almost reach lubrication purposes.

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